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Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder

Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder

  • Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder
  • Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder
Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder
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Lugar de origem: Shanghai
Marca: SIGNI
Certificação: ISO
Número do modelo: MIM
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Quantidade de ordem mínima: 100 ct
Detalhes da embalagem: Caixa
Tempo de entrega: 3 dias
Termos de pagamento: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, UNIÃO OCIDENTAL
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aplicação: Moedura, lustrando Cor: Amarelo e verde
Tamanhos de grão abrasivos: 30/40---325/400 Tipo: pó sintético do diamante, Superabrasive

0.1micron Diamond Abrasive Powder


0.3um Diamond Abrasive Powder


0.1micron synthetic diamond powder

Titanium-coated Synthetic Diamond powder super abrasive powder


Coated Synthetic Diamond Abrasive

Product Features: Coated Synthetic diamond abrasive refers to the diamond surface plated with a layer of metal by chemical plating and electroplating methods, in order to improve the adhesion between bond and diamond abrasive, reduce the thermal shock, and protect the diamond abrasive from oxidation to prolong the service life of diamond products.

It can be divided into three categories: nickel-coated diamond abrasive, titanium-coated diamond abrasive and copper-coated diamond abrasive.

Application Fields:

1. Nickel-coated diamond abrasive is mainly used to manufacture resin bonded grinding tools including dry grinding and wet grinding. The diamond has good heat dissipation ability and control ability, and can adapt to high-speed cutting environment without oxidation.


Product Features: With high grade single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Company as the raw materials, synthetic diamond grits and powders are made after special crushing, shaping, classification technology, and unique purification and precision processing processes, which have the characteristics of regular crystal shapes, concentrated particle size distribution, low impurity content, higher strength, impact resistance and great wear resistance.

Product Applications: Crushed synthetic diamond grit and synthetic diamond micron powder
are mainly applicable to traditional cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing fields, and also suitable for high-end abrasives products, electroplated products, diamond compact, diamond wire saw in photovoltaic industry, and diamond jewels, gems and polishing products in the electronics industry.

Poly Diamond Powder for Sapphire Substrate


1. Poly diamond powder for sapphire substrate
2. Controllable removal rate, high selectivity and high cleaning
3. Diamond powder with certificates:ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001; OHSAS18001


Poly diamond powder mainly is used in sapphire substrate, diaphragm, and LED chips, etc.


Available Sizes of Polycrystalline diamond(micron):0.1, 0.25 0.5,0.75,1.0,2.0,3.0,6.0.




1. It is widely used in machinery, aviation and space, optical instrument, glass, ceramics, electronics, petroleum, geology, military industrial sections.

2. It is ideal material for lapping and polishing hard material such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, Gems, optical glass.

3. Widely used in wafer processing in IT industry, Ruby and sapphire finishing.



Poly Diamond Powder for Sapphire Substrate


Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder 1



Product Description

Product Show of rough natural nano diamond powder industrial

diamond powder for making cutting tools

Titanium-Coated Synthetic Diamond Powder Super Abrasive Powder 2


Premium Synthetic natural diamond powder:

polishing hard alloy products like tungsten carbide,titannium carbide and the abrasive for diamond tools like diamond wheels, diamond film, PDC.The abrsive for non-metal materials like advance ceramic , synthetic and naturalstones and so on.


Diamond Powder characteristics: polishing Diamond Powder is made of high quality diamond with high toughness and purity, processed by special milling and shaping techniques, regular and blocky shape.

Diamond Powder usage: polishing Diamond Powder is suitable for metal bonded products, ceramic bonded products, electroplated products etc; usually used for machining hard alloys, glass, ceramic, and other stone materials.Metal Bond Diamond Powder, Diamond Powder, diamond polishing powder.



Reference for diamond powder size
Standard of China Standard of International Mesh D50(um) Standard of China Standard of International Mesh D50(um)
W0.25 0-0.25 60000 0.11~0.20 W0.5 0-0.5 3000 0.2~0.3
W1 0-1 15000 0.6~0.8 W1.5- 0-2 13000 1
W1.5 1-2 12000 1.1~1.3 W2.5 1-3 10000 1.6~1.8
W3 2-3 7000 1.9~2.1 W3.5 2-4 6500 2.2~2.6
W3.5 2-4 6000 2.6~3.0 W4 2-5 5000 3.1~3.4
W5 3-6 4000 3.5~4.2 W6 4-6 3500 4.4~5.0
W7 4-8 3000 5.0~6.0 W10 4-9 2500 6.1~6.5
W10 5-10 2000 6.5~7.3 W10 6-12 1800 7.3~8.3
W12 8-12 1600 8.3~9.0 W14 7-14 1500 9.1~10.5
W14 8-16 1300 10.0~12.0 W20- 10-20 1200 12.5~15
W20 12-22 1000 15.0~17.0 W20+ 15-25 800 18~20
W28 20-30 700 20~23 W28+ 22-36 600 23~26
W40- 20-40 500 26~29 W40 30-40 450 29~32
W40+ 35-45 400 32~36 W50 36-54   37~43
325/400 320 43-48   270/325   280 48~55
230/270   240 56~64 200/230   200 65~73

Features of rough natural nano diamond powder industrial diamond powder:

1. Selection of high-quality diamond as raw material, can ensure high-quality powder;

2. All products through standardized management processes, process-oriented quality testing to ensure high performance and stability of the diamond;

3. Anti-static dust-free workshop production, to ensure product purity 99.9%;

4. Diamond powder particle size range of uniform, crystalline high agreement, basic grains accurate, easy to produce scratches when polishing;.

5. Product in strict accordance with ANSI B74.20-2003 R2010 standards.

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